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Taking creative risks in storytelling and community building

Taking creative risks in storytelling and community building.

Nate Baker

I'm a storyteller and a chronic creative. Belmont pinned a journalism badge on me in 2008. I work at Internet marketing platform, Raven.

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Nashville's Awesome April (sometimes accurate) History Adventure   Sharpened Serifs (a stop-motion love poem)
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This Website Has Secrets

There's an easter egg hidden somewhere on this site. Can you find it?

It's a throwback to a hidden message I included in my first few websites. In 5th grade my dad handed me a copy of some website editing software. Web design has been a creative outlet since.

One of the reasons why I blog and keep this site up is to collaborate with folks.

I regularly publish poems and random things with a creative commons license in the spirit of creative collaboration. If you see something that you want to work with, run with it. Let's create something.

Stuck? Here are some creative ways to tell stories online:



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3 Rules to Becoming an Epic Vine Director

I’ve been posting videos on Vine. Give me a follow there as well! 




Saving this for references. (via devoureth)



8 Rdio playlists that don’t involve music

Rdio is a music subscription service, but they have much more than music if you do some searching. Below are some good examples I’ve found:

1. Comedy

2. Famous Speeches

3. Old Time Radio

4. Retro Radio Commercials

5. Poems

6. Mediation and Nature Sounds

7. Self Help Audio Books

8. Then of Course, Farts

 For those on Rdio, what am I missing?



The Distance From The Bottom

Remember the first time we talked
After I betrayed your trust

You told me how you felt
Slapped in the face

You told me what you’d do
You’d love me

You left and I climbed to the top of the slide 
Raindrops rolled over my cheeks

That’s when the world finally felt as I felt
And it felt normal to sit in the rain, see

Joy is the distance from the bottom
And normal is just some point between

Poem By Nathan T. Baker



Imma bee. Imma bee. Imma bee. Imma bee.


Imma bee. Imma bee. Imma bee. Imma bee.




Nashville Storytelling Classes for Businesses

Someone emailed me asking how they could learn how to use the power of storytelling to strengthen their brand and sell their awesome stuff.

I usually don’t have time to take on new work or speak, but I can pass along some suggestions.

If you’re looking for someone in Nashville to come speak or teach this topic, I’d focus on looking for those with expertise in marketing, new media and content work.

Here are some recommendations. There are plenty of really talented people in town that could help with something like this. Here is the shortlist of who I’d trust to do a great job if it’s a good fit:



Who am I missing?

I’m sure I’m missing tons of folks, but here’s a few leads to help. Feel free to leave other suggestions (including yourself) in the comments.

Photo: Josh Oaks



From Seattle to LA in 5 Minutes

4:55 | podomatic | mp3

Dave, Wes and I adventured down the West Coast last year. I brought my recorder.

Our trip was over ten days but I condensed it to 5 minutes of audio for you. Here’s what the West Coast sounded like to us.

We camped, hiked and visited breweries in Seattle, Portland, Napa Valley, San Francisco and LA. Actually, the only place we couldn’t find great craft beer was in the Redwood National Forest.

Oh and you get three geek points if you can catch references to the following:

  1. Lord of The Rings
  2. Settlers of Catan
  3. Hoary marmot

Shout out to Richard and Summer for letting us crash on their floor in Seattle and showing us around The 206. Shout out to Josh for gallantly driving us through LA traffic. Shout out to Lasswell for the sampled song “beeKoo mix,” which is Creative Commons CC BY 3.0.

Did the sounds of our trip spark any memories of your own?



Analyze a Friend’s Photo Collage to Discover Your Friendship Tier



Street Paper Documentary Trailer from Digital Bohemia on Vimeo.


"Street Paper takes the viewer inside the lives of Nashville’s homeless population through street newspaper, The Contributor. This documentary offers a unique look into the lives of the founders, vendors and writers as the newspaper experiences exponential growth during September 2010."


Caught this film this weekend at the Nashville Festival. Awesome, awesome, awesome. See it if you get the chance.



My Video Game Intervention

Look, here’s the the great hall I’ve been building.

Saturday night I visited the nether to gather glowstone for my new chandeliers. I sheered over a hundred blocks of sheep wool to build the white rug in the center there. I intended to stop playing at 11 but I didn’t.

I played Minecraft till 4 in the morning.

If you know me well, this isn’t a big surprise. For the last several months I’ve been playing Minecraft at least 10 hours a week.

When I finally got to bed Saturday night, I realized I would need to sleep through an event I had on my calendar for the next day. Write Fiction.

I forfeited my opportunity to rise early and get started.

Now, improper use doesn’t discount proper use. All I can tell you is I’ve been doing it wrong. What I’ve lost during these hours is greater than what I’ve gained.

When I play Minecraft: I’m given a canvas to create and a powerful dose of escapism that’s relaxing after a long day. When I play too much: my relationships with friends grow stale, I read less and I write less.

My creative goal is to finish the fiction story I started in college. The quicker I learn discipline, the faster I’ll finish my project. In my current station, discipline means more sleep and less Minecraft.

I would not be happy if a video game kept me from my creative goals, so I’m going to try something out. I’m now keeping track of how many hours I write a week. For each hour I sit down to write fiction, I’ll allow myself an hour in Minecraft the next week. We’ll see if that keeps things in check.

Creativity is a type of work. The more I invest, the more I reap. I know boundaries create freedom, but I’ve once again become lazy to this truth. This is my reminder to myself. No doubt I’ll need to hear it again.

It’s time to pull closer to the pain of leaving something behind. With luck the sacrifice will inch something distant just a bit closer.

I’ve been creating my world in the wrong place.

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